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And so it goes and goes, and so she grows and grows, and so we all just keep tripping through the clumsy dance of learning and fumbling and making messes and cleaning things up and trying skills and failing at things and living:


Evanny’s survived 4 1/2 months of life in our house and is becoming more interactive and more emotive by the day.  She laughs at us all now, not just at her brother, although I can still only extract a fabulous crinkle-grin and a quiet chuckle; the belly-giggles are reserved for the boys.  She talks about her anger and frustration, in long-winded spiels of extended-vowel baby-babble which are remarkably more eloquent than crying (which isn’t to say she doesn’t cry, but these days she usually cries until she gets your full attention, and once she has it, she’ll scold you fiercely instead of continuing).  And this morning, when…

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Jack Seattle FM

The Seattle Animal Shelter is open and ready for you to come on down and grab up your next family member.
Not only are adoptions a main part of what they do, but they’re also the folks behind Animal Control, in case you find an injured wild animal in your backyard. Listen to my chat with Animal Shelter Director Don Jordan below:

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